Corona Relief
The Corona Pandemic which turned the whole world upside down had not spared our country also.
But due to our age old customs & practices, food habits etc we have overcome the first wave successfully.
Since most of the Tribals are daily wage earners, their livelihood was very badly affected.

As an organisation serving the tribals, the following relief works were executed by us.
1. Awareness was created about this deadly virus.
2. Preventive measures were advised.
3. Siddha Medicinal Drink called "Kabha Sura Kudi neer " ( கப சுர குடிநீர் ) was distributed to 4000 houses in 12 districts, 35 villages to boost the natural body immunity to prevent the virus attack.
4. "Arsanica Album " a Homeopathic Medicine to enhance one's body immunity, was distributed to 22,350 families of 453 villages in 26 bolcks of 15 districts benefitting 1,11,750 individuals.
5. Free Ration Kits were delivered to 5631 Tribal Families in 148 villages of 13 districts.
6. Teachers and students of the three regular schools run by us were also provided with relief ration kits.
7. Besides 1500+ masks were distributed among the tribal population during the relief and more than 4000 food packets were distributed to the needy hungry.

Extending a Helping Hand to our Vanavasi Brothers during severe Natural Calamities is in the DNA of our organisation.
Please have a look of the relief work done at Nilgiris when a severe cyclone hit the area in the year 2020